Roberto Sebastian Matta Echaurren (Santiago de Chile, 1911 - Civitavecchia, 2002) Chilean painter, he moved to Europe in 1933, where he worked for some time as a draftsman. Matta began painting, adhering to surrealism where he focused on developing psychological morphologies. His early works relied on processes of automatic writing. He took refuge in New York during the Second World War along with many other avant-garde artists, frequenting Dadaist circles and Surrealist émigrés. He moved to Rome in 1949 where he became an important point of connection between abstract expressionism and the nascent Italian abstractionism. His painting evolved progressively towards anthropomorphic figural shapes immersed in a multidimensional space and pervaded by a mechanical frenzy, to witness the cruel rites and conflicts of the modern world or prefigure a future condition of man. Finally, he moved to Paris, while maintaining strong ties with Italy.

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