Pignatelli Luca

Luca Pignatelli (Milan 1962). Italian painter is the author of a visionary realism that finds its subjects in memory. His works are inspired by the pages of dusty old books. On tarps that covered the old freight cars in the 1930s recline skies, airplanes, trucks and steam trains, subjects of classical mythology and trapped views of our contemporary metropolis. At the end of the 1990s he recreated a magical New York, emerged from American film archives, landscapes reminiscent of hot and distant atmospheres of the great crisis . Luca Pignatelli’s artistic research is suspended between archaeological fascination and the exploration of myth. His painting feeds on the dichotomy between the adoring and yearning gaze of classical nature and the dusty folds of critical investigation into the mythical elements of the contemporary world. His poetry, and in this lies his judgment, lives in the immobile "image" of the painting, of the suspension in apnoea of a frame stuck in the moment before the tragedy.